Livingstone Private Hire Taxi
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Personalised door-to-door transport

Whether you're taking your family out, visiting the doctor or the dentist or simply need to make a supermarket trip, call Livingstone Private Hire Taxi in Portsmouth for a reliable, affordable service with a prompt and courteous driver. Get in touch with us for personalised services.

Reliable local taxi service

At Livingstone Private Hire Taxi, we don't charge you extra if we are held up in traffic. Please be aware that there is a minimum fare of £11.00 for four passengers, £13.00 for five passengers, £15.00 for six passengers and £17.00 for seven passengers. These charges are for the first 8 miles, after which you will be charged £1.80 per mile.

An efficient and stylish taxi service

When you choose Livingstone Private Hire Taxi, you can expect a well-maintained and spacious taxi with plenty of luggage space and a capacity for seven passengers.



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